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Emergency Operations Center monitoring a storm.

Emergency Operations

Illinois State University has a wide range of emergency response capabilities. Lead among them is our University Police Department, which provides 24x7x365 coverage to the campus. UPD responds to all emergency incidents and calls upon our mutual aid and on-campus partners when warranted. Other departments with public safety response duties include:

  • Parking and Transportation: Responds to vehicle unlocks, vehicle jump starts and flat tires
  • Environmental Health & Safety: Responds to fire alarms, working fires, natural gas leaks, chemical spills, safety concerns, indoor air quality issues and food safety issues
  • Student Health Services: Acute care for University students
  • Emergency Management: Severe storm spotting and major incident coordination

In addition to the above day-to-day emergency operations services, the University maintains a number of emergency response teams. These teams are staffed by University employees and are activated when required. Some times these teams activate on their own and other times they are activated by the Incident Management Team. The links to the right provide information about each of the teams, including contact information if you want to know more.

Finally, the University maintains an Emergency Operations Center (EOC) which is a fixed facility that supports the Incident Management Team during times of campus emergency. The EOC is a state-of-the-art facility that (1) brings real-time intelligence into the space, (2) so that the IMT can make informed decisions and (3) reliably communicate with the campus community.

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