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Hands-On Training

An active shooter training session.

Run-Hide-Fight (3 hours)

This 3-hour class starts with about 1-hour of instruction on violence prevention and Run-Hide-Fight techniques. The next 2 hours are dedicated to hands-on learning where attendees break into three groups and head to classrooms. We attempt to make a realistic training environment without it being traumatic. We incorporate sounds (starter pistols, screaming, etc.), realistic settings (classrooms) and hands-on techniques (running, barricading using real objects and simulated fighting with a water pistol and Nerf balls).

The Run room allows attendees the opportunity to identify exit points from a room and to quickly and safely exit when the starter pistol is fired. In the Hide room (see photo at top of this page), participants practice barricading door(s), making the room dark and silent and awaiting to see if those measures work against the aggressor (a police offer) who attempts to make entry. In the Fight room, participants are given small Nerf balls (about the size of tennis balls) to throw at the aggressor as he makes immediate entry into the room after firing a starter pistol. Attendees rotate through all three stations to gain practical experience in addressing active aggressors. After returning to the main room for a quick recap, attendees then break up one final time into three new rooms for a single, final exercise. No instructions are given for how to respond; each person in each room must determine how best to respond given the situation.

Given the complexity in this training, we require an empty, dedicated building (generally U-High or Metcalf on closure days) and a considerable amount of pre-planning. As a result, we typically offer this session twice a year and cap participation at 90 attendees.

R.A.D: Rape Aggression Defense (12 hours)

The basis of the Rape Aggression Defense (R.A.D.) system is realistic self defense for Women (not a martial arts program). It provides women and young girls with an environment to nurture and develop positive skills, attitudes, belief in self and physical fitness. It is structured as a WOMEN ONLY course and taught by certified R.A.D. instructors. The three focuses are: Risk Reduction, Physical Defense and Dynamic Simulation. Students are provided with a course booklet for practice and reference. The booklet outlines the entire course and remains with the student upon course completion for growth and development. Each student, upon successful completion of the R.A.D. course, is a lifetime member and may return FREE to courses offered around the country (with their student manual signed by the R.A.D. instructor). See the ISU Police website for more information.