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Two-Way Radios

Illinois State University offers a comprehensive two-way radio system for its constituents. Major services include:

  • Wide area (up to 10 mile) coverage
  • Direct radio-to-radio (a few hundred feet) capability
  • Dedicated channels for large special events (Contact EHS to use one of these channels)
  • Dedicated channel to reach the ISU Police Department
  • Simultaneous alerting of all radios for Severe Weather and ISU Emergency Alert notifications
  • All 500+ radios are programmed the same, so everyone can communicate with everyone else

We encourage anyone new to ISU's radio system view this training video.

Contact Emergency Management for:

  • New radio and accessory purchases (View our contract price list)
  • Training
  • Radio channel assignments
  • Radio checkouts (using this form)

Contact Emergency Management

Contact the Technology Support Center for:

  • Radio repairs

Contact the Technology Support Center