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Parents and Families

Stay informed and be prepared, an emergency can occur at any time with no notice.

Stay Informed

Parents and families should sign up for ISU Emergency Alert, the University's emergency notification and warning system. Learn about the kinds of emergencies and disasters that are most likely to occur in the ISU area and download the Safe Redbirds app. The app (available in the App Store and Google Play) allows parents and families to:

  • Access the Campus Emergency Guide
  • Make a safety or crime report
  • Find important Bloomington-Normal phone numbers
  • Reach campus Care Teams
  • Link to campus crime statistics and reports

Read and understand the ISU Emergency Management Plan

Be Prepared

Parents and families are encouraged to always be prepared for any emergency. Parents and families should work with their student(s) to build an emergency communications plan.

Download, complete, and distribute a Family Emergency Plan.

Family Emergency Plan

  • List important contact information
  • Verify that every member of your family knows the phone numbers in the plan.
  • Identify a common meeting place

Theft is ISU's biggest crime. Have your student(s) write down the make, model, and serial number of all of their valuable items (electronics, bike, etc.) and keep a copy of that list at home or in a secure location. This will make it easier for University Police to find and return personal items.