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Employees and Departments

Emergency Plans represent the core aspect of the University's emergency management program.

University-Level Plans

The following University plans detail how the University will prevent, mitigate against, respond to and recovery from emergencies and disasters. The Emergency Management Plan is the University's top-level emergency plan that was last updated in 2014. This plan is undergoing a complete rewrite and will be converted to an Emergency Operations Plan, following state and federal guidelines.

  • Emergency Operations Plan - The Emergency Operations Plan (EOP) details how the University community will respond to major emergencies in conjunction with local emergency response agencies and references the role that campus departments will have in supporting the overall emergency response.
  • Multi-Hazard Mitigation Plan - Completed and adopted in 2019, this plan outlines the University's exposure to natural hazards and identifies opportunities to decrease our exposure to those hazards.
  • Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment (HIRA) - Completed in 2019, this plan briefly outlines natural, human-caused and technological hazards facing the University, a ranking of those hazards and strategies for mitigating those hazards.
  • Continuity of Operations - Plan to start campuswide initiative in 2019
  • IT Disaster Recovery - Campus committee currently developing plan
  • Violence Prevention Plan

Department Plans

Every University department is required to have a current emergency response plan. Each plan includes local hazards, shelter areas, evacuation assembly areas, AEDs, contacts, etc. These plans include the most relevant preparedness and response information for departments. The current Department ERP Template should be completed by department personnel and a copy sent to Emergency Management.

Building Plans

During 2021, we plan to transition from Department Plans to Building Plans. Experience has shown that people have more in common with others in their building during times of emergency, than they do with their home departments. Additionally, Department Plans were largely focused on employees, while Building Plans will include provisions for all occupants (employees, students, guests, etc.). Emergency Management staff are working to develop the new Building template and will migrate as much information as possible from existing Department plans. We will reach out to appropriate parties to fill in any gaps. Once complete, two versions of each plan will be created. The first will include contact information and will be located within department offices. The second will be a slightly redacted version and will be publicly available via a website. These public plans will allow a broad audience to review emergency plans outside of the department setting.


In addition to having current department/building plans, each employee should be trained annually on its contents. Copies of training sign-in sheets should be scanned and sent to Emergency Management and will be used to demonstrate compliance with audit findings.