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Crime does not simply happen. Like a triangle, crime must have three sides or elements present to be complete. Those three elements are: ability, desire, and opportunity. Remove any one of these elements and the triangle can't be formed and the crime will not occur. You can help the University Police reduce crime on campus by reducing the "opportunity" for crime. By limiting the opportunity for crime, you remove one side of the crime triangle and limit the ability of the criminal to commit the crime. Keep these crime prevention tips in mind and you will greatly reduce criminal incidents at home and here at Illinois State University.

  • Call the police immediately if you see or hear something suspicious. Report any crime or suspicion of a crime at once. Dial 911 in an emergency or when a crime is in progress.
  • Be wary of people that don't appear to belong in the area. If you doubt they belong in the area, ask them questions. If their answers are vague or suspicious, call the police.
  • Keep your possessions in sight at all times. Don't leave books or backpacks unattended anywhere, it only takes a matter of seconds for things to disappear.
  • If you leave your office or room, even for a few minutes, lock the door! It's much easier to invest a few seconds securing your property, rather than spending the time later filing a police report and replacing the property.
  • Never leave a wallet or purse on top of your desk; take it with you or lock it in a drawer.
  • Avoid taking wallets, money, and jewelry into athletic facilities and storing them in lockers, which are targets of thieves.
  • Mark your property; place marks inside your books. Use Operation ID to mark all valuable items. Use your driver's license number and the two letter abbreviation for the state. Engraving tools are available from the University Police seven days a week 24 hours a day.
  • Be aware of your surroundings, other people around you, and places where someone could be hiding.
  • Walk with friends whenever possible. Use NITERIDE or Redbird Safe Walk if you can't find someone to go with you.
  • Avoid jogging or bicycling alone. If you must go alone, stay in well-lit and well-traveled areas.
  • Don't leave objects plainly visible in your car; remove them, or secure them in the trunk whenever possible. Be sure to hide cords and accessories to expensive electronic devices such as GPS units, MP3 players, and cell phones.
  • Avoid erroneously thinking crimes only happen to someone else. Recognize the reality that anyone's property or personal safety can be the target of criminals.

For more detailed advice on a range of crime prevention issues, download the University Police's safety brochure.

The ISU Police Department (ISUPD) offers the following crime prevention programs upon request:

  • Bird Watch (Neighborhood Watch program for campus)
  • Campus Violence: Prevention and Preparation
  • Identity Theft: How to Protect Yourself
  • Common Sense Self Defense
  • Theft Prevention
  • Operation Identification
  • Rape Aggression Defense (RAD)
  • Play it Safe (20 minute program for children from kindergarten through fourth grade)
  • Substance Abuse Prevention
  • Drug Abuse and Misuse
  • The Law and You (Sponsored by AllState)

Safety is all of our responsibility!